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Taxis 2. Light and Functional

TAXIS 2 has a more traditional design; it is a particularly strong drawer, and it has been manufactured by using many parts of the first version. Even though it has the same technical characteristics, TAXIS 2 differs from TAXIS 1 in its dimensions and especially in its side, which has been designed in only one aluminium alloy extruded. As for “TAXIS”, the assembly of each single detail has been realised and carried out with the highest care, by creating a modern, elegant and functional drawer at a very competitive price.


  • Taxis drawers, in anodized aluminium, are strong, light and resistant to corrosion.
  • Self-lubricated bearings are nylon covered to ensure noise free operation.
  • Drawers extend fully, to allow products at the rear of the drawer to be easily accessible.
  • Maximum visibility, on the side, on the bottom and on the top (TX 1).
  • Capacity +10% with drawer TAXIS T: thanks to our hook system, the capacity of the drawers increases by 100 mm.
  • Wide set of dividers and card-holders, in different heights, in metal and plastic.
  • Card-holders to identify products do not extend from the side of the drawer.
  • Our shockproof ratchets are resistant to corrosion, and they do not contain any parts that cannot be cleaned.
  • Three types of bases are available: Metal, Waterproof Laminate and high quality Plexiglass.
  • Rear of drawers are higher than the sides, to avoid products falling down during the closing of the drawer.
  • Central lenghtwise divider in aluminium. It is screwed against the front and the back side, to increase the stability of the drawer.
  • Wide range of models and dimensions: 13 for the high columns and 15 for the counters.
  • Possibility to have drawer fronts in h.105/125/140/210/250/280.
  • Wide range of accessories, set for homeopathy, pull out step drawer, locking system, side bars for big boxes, alphabet letters, fronts, etc.
  • Possibility to change a single drawer into a double drawer and back, with a few easy operations.